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Civic Address History

City of Halifax Civic Address Conversion Notice, 1964


In 1958, the former City of Halifax adopted the grid-based 4-digit civic numbering schema that still exists on the Halifax Peninsula. 

Street numbering previously had been ad hoc and new developments required awkward local re-numbering.  The new grid-system imposed a geographic logic to civic numbers that was popular in many North American cities.

Click on the image to view the detailed explanation that was distributed from the Commissioner on Works to all city households, or view the procedures staff followed when implementing the new system..

The re-numbering was phased in over the next few years, as every house was assigned a new number by the end of 1965. See the Street Re-numbering Progress Reports, to know exactly when a particular street was re-numbered.

City of Halifax Works Department Street Renumbering file (102-39C-1)

Need to find an old civic address?

Open the City of Halifax Former Civic Address Cross-Reference (1MB pdf)  to convert a current 4-digit civic address to the pre-1960 former civic numbers and vice-versa. 

Thank you to the Municipality's Civic Addressing unit for compiling and sharing this data. Many historical resources, like property assessment records, building inspection permits and photographs are by civic number, so researchers need to know what the contemporary number was.

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